Monday, December 29, 2008

January 11th Next Printmakers Meeting

The January meeting of the Printmakers Interest Group will be Sunday, January 11th, from 3:00-5:00 in Newbury. Contact Barbara Kedesdy for details and directions

On going topics of interest included the following:

How to get the most from our blog.

Complete our collaborative Monotype prints - we'll meet to look, talk, and problem solve, focusing on compositional issues: how to complete/ change an unfinished piece; how to use, transform, or combine old prints.

2009 "Making an Impression: 10 Printmakers"
show July 23 through August 5th 2009 @ Newburyport Art Association

Ideas for demonstrations/workshops at our meetings:
Solarplate, Pronto plate, Imagon plates, Embossing, Combining and collaging prints, Gold leaf.

Ideas for field trips:
1. Contemporary Print Center, Norwalk, Conn.
2. Essex Art Center, Lawrence
3. Zea Mays, Florence,
4. Boston Printmakers Biennial (Feb.-March).

News of shows/classes coming up:
1. Monotype Guild of New England winter show (2009) will be held at the Lynn Arts Center.
2. Rhoda Rosenberg will offer a book/collage workshop at Montserrat during Intersession.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elaine Insero presents a New Website

Elaine works in sculpture, and mixed media as well as printmaking. Elaine says, "My work is spontaneous, intuitive, and always experimental. Extensive travel has enabled me to encounter first hand many of the world’s greatest art treasures. People and places visited are a constant source of inspiration and provide the catalyst for much of my work. While large abstracted pieces allow me to play with shapes and color-I also love the discipline of working with the figure-drawing and sculpting from life.

For more information contact Elaine @

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Printmakers Featured in National Exhibit Catalog

Two printmakers work is featured in the National Juried Monotype/Monoprint Exhibition Catalog. Elaine Insero and Barbara Kedesdy were chosen to exhibit prints in the first national exhibit hosted by the Monoprint Guild of New England. You can order an exhibit catalog a and check out the first few pages for free.